PRIMA base

Bracings & Texture Coatings

PRIMA base flat sheet provides a suitable substrate for texture coating systems. PRIMA base can be used as wall cladding for new homes, extensions, second storey additions, re-cladding older homes and other lightweight construction. PRIMA base can also be applied as an economical and easy-to-install bracing element for timber and steel wall frames.

Product Features

  • Rebated edges for a seamless joint finishing prior to texture coating
  • Ideal for lightweight construction
  • Good Bracing capability
  • Compatible with a wide range of acrylic finishes
  • Tough to withstand impact loads

Product Description

  • Blue primed board with rebated edges at 3 sides

PRIMA BASE 7.5mm: Bracing & Texture Coating

Width (mm) Length (mm)
  2440 3000