PRIMA accessories

High Performance Jointing Compound for Interior & Exterior Applications

PRIMA jointing compound is a high performance, water-based acrylic paste that exhibits minimal shrinkage & excellent adhesion to PRIMA fibre cement substrates. Its flexible nature and ease of workability provides you with a crack-free and smooth finish application.

By blending with 10% cement (preferably white cement), this durable jointing compound can be applied to both interior and exterior fibre cement substrates. It is used with PRIMA fibre mesh tape / PRIMA perforated paper tape to seal joints between sheets to create a seamless base for painting of both wall and ceiling systems.

PRIMA jointing compound is compatible with all types of water-based top coating and provides you with an aesthetically-pleasing top-coat finish appearance.

It is also used to cover embedded fastener points and to level any minor irregularities or blemishes on surfaces. The delicate nature of the compound gives it a creamy & smooth texture that can be easily spread by hand and mechanical tools with zero or minimum sanding required after it hardens.

PRIMA jointing compound is available in 28kg/15-litre tub.

PRIMA solidfill is a ready mix compound made of Portland cement, sand and chemical additives. The product is formulated as a high quality light weight concrete solid infill for the void filling of the PRIMA solidwall system.

Product Benefits

  • Easy to handle
  • Consistent concrete mixture
  • Reducing mixing errors
  • Reduced wastage of materials
  • Reduced surplus of raw material - Always the right ratio